The PositivePro VPN Network

The PositivePro VPN Network consists of Points of Presence (POPs) connected with high speed pipes to Internet backbone providers. Inside the Positive POP resides powerful, state-of-the-art VPN hardware dedicated to managing many thousands of SSL and IPSec VPN tunnels.

Each customer has a single VPN tunnel connected to a Positive POP. This is established by simply downloading the PositivePro Connector onto any server or PC on your enterprise network. Alternately, you can configure any IPSec compliant device, such as a Checkpoint firewall or Cisco router, to accept traffic from the Positive POP. At this point you are ready to go.

ANX Service Cloud

ANX Service Cloud

All of your remote user's traffic will be aggregated at the Positive POP and then securely transported to your company LAN over this single VPN tunnel. You will not need to buy any additional equipment. Your traffic can be encrypted end-to-end so that it is completely secure even from ANX PositivePro employees.

By bringing the traffic through our POP before it hits the corporate network, PositivePro can perform a variety of activities beneficial to the corporate customer. Additional firewall support and security analysis of the end-user's PC all take place before the user is allowed onto the company LAN.

Remote Access Demo

Managed Remote Access