End User Help Desk Support

ANX provides you a complete service. Remote access becomes our problem, not yours. As such, complete help desk and technical support for both your administrators and end users are included with the service at no extra charge.

This eliminates the need for customers to establish a separate help desk to support users of the PositivePro VPN service. A key benefit here is that PositivePro Desktop Agent fully supports users home PCs and other PCs that may not be company-owned, or using a standard company image.

A Support Center web site is available as a first line of support to handle routine matters and answer common user questions. But unlike other Help Desks, ANX does not force users to page through a detailed "Knowledge Base" before getting assistance (via a phone call or email), and the help provided is geared towards non-technical users. Of course, when personnel from the IT staff need technical support, ANX's staff is fully-equipped to respond. And should any user's problem ever require "hands on" intervention, the ability to gain remote control over the user's desktop at the user's request substantially enhances troubleshooting capabilities and dramatically improves the responsiveness of all support services.

Remote Access Demo

Managed Remote Access