Two-Factor Authentication

Stop Hackers In Their Tracks With Two-Factor Authentication

Protect remote access to your corporate network with tokenless two-factor authentication solution. Two-Factor Authentication is fully integrated with the PositivePro VPN platform. So, no extra setup or configuration is required. When logging into PositivePro by entering a username and password, the user instantly receives a call. They answer and press # (or enter an optional PIN) to authenticate their login. It's that simple.

Two-Factor Authentication is:

  • Easy to Setup, Manage, and Use
    Users love it because there's nothing extra to carry and no long, complex one time passwords to enter. Users instantly receive a call when logging in and simply press # to authenticate.
  • No End User or Server Hardware/Software
    With Two-Factor Authentication, there's no software or certificates for users to install. It works with any phone. And Two-Factor Authentication is built into the PositivePro hosted service, so no additional setup or configuration is required.
  • Strong Two-Factor Authentication
    Two-Factor Authentication's out-of-band authentication is not susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks or keystroke logging. It offer the benefits of true two-factor authentication without the hassles.
  • Real Time Fraud Alerts
    If a user suspects fraudulent activity on their account - for example if they receive a Two-Factor Authentication call but did not initiate the login - they can submit an instant Fraud Alert from the Two-Factor Authentication menu.
  • Comply with Industry Regulations
    Two-factor authentication is no longer optional for many businesses. Two-Factor Authentication is a rapid, cost-effective way to comply with PCI Data Security Standards, HIPAA and other industry regulations.

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