Endpoint Security

Nothing is more important in a remote access system than the endpoint security it provides.

In today's world in which professionals are working with highly confidential documents from locations all over the world, you must make sure that each user who accesses your network is doing so from a secure PC, and only has access to the applications and data you authorize. You must also make sure that 'nothing is left behind' after a work session.

PositivePro provides the highest level of real time VPN endpoint security monitoring in the industry, and as such has been the choice of the most endpoint security conscious enterprises --- banks and hospitals.

With PositivePro each remote PC is inspected and audited at sign in. Most of the time, Positive automatically brings the PC in to compliance with your company's security policies. For example, a firewall is brought up with the rule sets you choose. You can require that spyware scans take place before sign in. Current Antivirus DATs are delivered automatically. Windows updates are delivered if you determine they are necessary.

At anytime during the work session, if there is a security breach (e.g. the user gets a virus) the user is automatically disconnected from the corporate LAN and placed into the Positive Security Portal. The user stays connected to Positive Networks, so we can safely troubleshoot and fix the problem, but stays safely disconnected from your corporate LAN. Naturally you get a report describing the problem and its resolution.

With Positive's unique network architecture, we catch problems before they touch your network, providing the greatest degree of endpoint security possible.

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