Managed Security Services

Your company's information is under a silent assault. Sophisticated criminals are unleashing millions of new cyber threats each month. They want your information and are capable and motivated to obtain it. Consider the recent evidence:

To prevent catastrophic loss and business disruption from cyber attacks requires that companies of all size have:

  • Leading edge security technology
  • Expertise to develop and enforce strong security policies
  • Enough resources to properly execute

Most companies are finding it increasingly difficult to maintain sufficient technology, expertise and resources to keep pace with evolving cyber threats. Every company should consider the answers to these three questions:

  • Can your company survive the theft or destruction of important information?
  • If your data is compromised, what are the costs of lost business, fines, litigation, lost productivity, and damage to brand reputation?
  • Has your security approach adapted to the exponential growth of new and sophisticated cyber threats?

Thousands of companies depend on ANX to protect their business from cyber threats. ANX will give you peace of mind by delivering world-class managed security services at an affordable monthly price without the need to purchase, configure and maintain equipment. As the operator of one of the largest and most secure business-to-business private networks in the world, ANX has the technology, resources and experience to protect your company from cyber threats.

Managed Security Services