Compliance and Risk Management

Objective Third Party Compliance Assessments

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Service Description

Ensuring ongoing regulatory compliance has never been more important or more complex. ANX helps organizations meet these challenges with its TruComply software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering. TruComply enables organizations to automate IT Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) processes—significantly reducing cost while simultaneously improving visibility and decision-making.

However, some organizations need additional assistance to create and sustain an effective risk and compliance management program. For these clients, ANX can augment TruComply with managed services tailored to the client’s needs. As part of these managed services, expert ANX IT GRC consultants can execute tactical compliance tasks such as data/system classification and assessments. Additionally, if required, ANX consultants can perform more strategic advisory services such as regulatory analysis, strategic planning, and facilitation of governance activities.

ANX provides the following services as part of its Managed Compliance and Risk Services. For most organizations, ANX can perform all these services for less than the cost of a single GRC professional.

Regulatory Analysis - ANX provides an efficient, low cost means to establish a regulatory baseline and then maintain this baseline on an ongoing basis.

Process, Data, and Systems Classification and Maintenance - Without an understanding of what one is trying to secure and the relative criticality of various organizational business processes and assets, it is difficult to make effective decisions. ANX can help organizations quickly develop a data/systems classification strategy and then execute it against the organization’s most important business processes and assets.

Assessment Support - ANX offers an outsourced assessment support option whereby an expert IT GRC consultant will assist an organization in executing an assessment, including initial set-up and ongoing project management.

Third Party Validated Assessment - Organizations may have a need for a third party to perform an assessment, either because of internal resource constraints or to meet regulatory requirements. ANX consultants can provide a complete third party assessment against any regulations and standards within the Unified Compliance Framework (e.g., PCI DSS, HIPAA Security, ISO 27001, etc.).

Strategic IT Risk and Compliance Planning - One common failing of IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance programs is turning assessment results into action. To help organizations translate assessment results into a pragmatic, risk-based strategic plan, an expert ANX IT GRC consultant will review assessment findings, work with internal managers to identify solutions and resource estimates, and build a plan for executive review and approval.

Remediation Management - Once a strategic plan is in place, the next step is managing its execution. Some organizations find that it is easier for a third-party to play this role than an internal resource. ANX can provide an expert IT GRC consultant to help administer this process, providing better assurance than the strategic plan is executed.

Governance Facilitation - IT governance is the management process of ensuring that information security strategies are aligned with business objectives and consistent with applicable laws and regulations. Many organizations would like to establish formalized IT governance processes, but lack the internal resource to get them started and provide staff support to ensure effective meetings.

ANX can provide an expert IT GRC consultant to help put in place a governance body such as a Security Committee and provide the necessary support to make it effective.