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ANX Launches SecureHIPAA Solution

Posted May 29, 2014, 12:56 pm by Glenn Moore

Press Release


Solution protects pharmacy and healthcare practice owners from the growing risk of HIPAA fines while simplifying HIPAA compliance

SOUTHFIELD, Mich. (May 27, 2014) – ANXeBusiness Corp. (ANX), a leading provider of managed compliance and security solutions to the healthcare industry, announced the launch of SecureHIPAA.  SecureHIPAA provides pharmacies and healthcare practices with essential protection from the growing risk of HIPAA fines while helping them assess their level of HIPAA compliance and correct any gaps.  ANX also announced that healthcare businesses could now obtain both HIPAA and PCI compliance protection in a single, affordable solution called SecureCompliance.  This solution provides comprehensive financial protection against HIPAA and PCI violations, plus tools and support to make it much easier for owners to meet these complex requirements.

“ANX has protected thousands of healthcare locations against cyber credit card theft with PCI compliance,” said Mark Wayne, ANX Executive Vice President. “There was a groundswell of demand from our healthcare customers to help them with HIPAA as well.  Our solution simplifies HIPAA compliance and provides busy owners with peace of mind.” 

SecureHIPAA joins the ANX suite of Healthcare solutions that enables the trusted exchange of information within Healthcare communities. The company’s flagship solutions include:

  • MedNXTM provides a complete end-to-end delivery system for healthcare information providers.  Documents are transmitted to the ANX secure network, and then delivered to the remote location with accurate proof of delivery.
  • PositiveProTM enables healthcare workers and partners to access company information and applications from anywhere in the world on their platforms of choice – with the highest level of security.  The solution can be deployed in minutes without the need for dedicated hardware.
  • SecurePCI provides pharmacies and healthcare providers with a bundled solution to reduce the risk of cyber credit card theft and make it easier to become PCI compliant.


About ANX

ANXeBusiness Corp. (ANX) is headquartered in Southfield, MI, and has offices in Research Triangle Park, NC, and Austin, TX. The ANX mission is to protect our customers’ information, secure their business interactions and be their trusted platform for collaboration. ANX provides secure connectivity and transaction delivery solutions to Healthcare participants, including pharmacies, providers, laboratories, and technology partners. The company’s foundation is built upon deep technical expertise, broad experience with mission-critical data connectivity, unwavering customer support and a proven record of enabling collaboration across business communities.  To obtain more information about SecureHIPAA, visit

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